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Post: A Hollywood movie about “Tetris” with Efremov appeared on the Web


The Hollywood movie “Tetris”, starring Efremov as a Soviet programmer, was released on the Web

MOSCOW, March 31 – RIA Novosti. The Hollywood movie “Tetris” about the creation of a cult puzzle was released on the Web. Starring Nikita Efremov and Taron Egerton.

The first embodied the image of the Soviet programmer Alexei Pajitnov. He was the one who invented the game in the mid-1980s. The latter got the role of Dutch designer Hank Rogers, who was trying to get the rights to Tetris.

Being the prototype of his character, Pajitnov helped Efremov work on the role. However, as stressed The film is simply based on a true story and “of course embellished in many ways,” Nikita said in an interview with BFM.Ru.

According to the artist, the production of the tape was carried out during the pandemic, the shooting process was difficult – coronavirus tests were carried out every day.

“But it was a very interesting experience in terms of how they worked there, and they even managed to learn something. And of course the actors were very impressed, especially Taron’s readiness for the project, he’s already started playing it. They read as if he had a completely ready-made role,” he admits. Son of Mikhail Efremov.

Six months before filming began, Nikita received offers to take part in the production of the film.

“… I did the tests myself, I sent them, and I didn’t really trust anything. Then they called and said, “Get ready, go,” the actor recalls.

According to the artist, one of the difficulties in the work was related to the language. Nikita says the character prototype has “a very difficult English speaking Russian.”

“I have a slightly smoother accent (approximately ed.) and I had to look for where you could put this strong Russian “er”, so to speak, “the actor says.

A still from the movie Tetris
Shot from the movie “Tetris”

Nikita Efremov also took part in the projects “Patient Zero”, “Good Guy”, “Summer”, “Thaw”, “London” and many others.

Earlier, it was reported about the premiere of “Tetris” at the American film festival South by Southwest (SXSW).

A still from the movie Tetris

Foreign critics liked the Hollywood movie with Efremov

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