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Post: Big Brother Whip, Edoardo Tavassi, lectured by Signorini, but without disqualification


During the daytime Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini scolded Edoardo Tavassi for his behavior towards Micol Incorvaia in recent days.

In the daytime Big Brother VIP, Alfonso Signorini criticized Edoardo Tavassi for his behavior in the last days towards Mikol Inkorvaya. Network called disqualification former shipwrecked, but for Edward there were no conditions other than a simple invitation from the conductor to moderate the ea language “enjoy the ending”.

Gf Vip, Alfonso Signorni scolds Edoardo Tavassi

These are the words Lord addressed to Tavassiaccording to Biki:

“I want to talk to you because I have something important to tell you. The other night, when you were arguing with Mikol – and you were in an intimate situation – you allowed yourself to fall into a series of words that we repeatedly said to them. I must say. Even in a situation as intimate as what can be compared to a phone call. Obviously, you didn’t have an aggressive attitude, but we want to bring good manners into people’s homes. Having said that, enjoy the weekend and the ending.”

In recent days, Edoardo had a conversation with Mikol, to whom he addressed clearly negligent and very critical words.

“I’m going out the red door tonight. Why? You’re such a bad sucker. You poor sucker, you don’t give a shit* and this is another demonstration. I’ll keep everything, don Don’t worry. Having said that, keep it up… I don’t care* no GF Vip, no fucking finale, do what you want… Go win GF, let Oriana win, try to knock me down! movies, talking to Jael, in the confessional Hi. was, how shitty you made me out! Okay… but go fuck yourself *”

Tavassi he was very offended by Korvaya when the last one poured out Jaele DeDonacriticizing some shortcomings Edward.

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