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Post: Megapolis – Francis Ford Coppola’s filming wrapped up


After a long gestation and some problems on set, Francis Ford Coppola’s latest work, Megapolis, is ready to show itself to the public. Filming, in fact, ended in recent days.

he resumed From metropolis – epic Francis Ford Coppola from the entire star cast – they are officially end – reported in the Instagram account of the project. Despite production problems and on-set differencesthe feature film will finally be able to hit theaters around the world.

Megapolis – The plot and actors of the film by Francis Ford Coppola

Work on the project began last fall and, as announced on instagramended in the last days. Coppola – who has been looking for a production company willing to invest in his vision for over a decade – he personally funded Megapolis, budgeting approximately $120 million from the sale of his Napa Valley winery. So the news of the end of filming confirms the rumor leaked in recent days – directly from WonderCon 2023 – or thatThe film will hit theaters by the end of 2024.. However, production proved to be challenging, as mentioned, due to ongoing cost-cutting changes and the abandonment of numerous members of the visual effects team and some of the set artists.

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The protagonist of the project Adam Driver, who said that the experience on the set, despite numerous problems, turned out to be one of the best in his career. Moves beside him star cast, in which Shia LaBeouf, Aubrey Plaza, Forest Whitaker, Jon Voight, Laurence Fishburne and Dustin Hoffman stand out. According to the same Coppola – participates in the project as well as screenwritermetropolis will tell the story of political ambitions, in which the conflicting loves and hopes of some “genius” personalities collide and merge against the backdrop of an alternative version of New York, called the New Rome. The plot should especially revolve around utopian architect’s dream (Adam Driver), who will be hindered by the mayor of the city, a symbol of modernity, unable to solve its own social problems and therefore doomed to concessions. OUR stylistic references project instead of rememberingAncient Rome AndThe Roman Empire, which is also seen in Shia LeBeouf’s quirky look on set. The director, who was absent from the stage for twelve years – his last try twiststdates back to 2011 – then he decided to return behind the camera to make one of the most anticipated projects of the next movie season. So all that’s left is to wait updates for a more accurate release date.

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