Le Jene, Elena Di Cioccio in shock: “I have had HIV for 21 years”

Elena Di Ciocchio wanted to publicly declare that she was HIV positive.

With a monologue in front of the cameras Le Yen, Elena Di Ciocchio reveals she has HIVand then wanted to throw important message regarding that.

Hyenas: Elena Di Cioccio talks about her illness

Elena DiCioccioguest on Le Iene – a program he has been working on for many years – which aired on Tuesday 28 March 2023, he wanted to get rid of the burden which he wore for too long. Presenter, in fact, with a long and touching monologue has publicly stated that she is HIV positive. Cioccio, however, also started in this way important message. These are his words:

HELLO, I’m Elena DiCioccioI am 48 years old and I have been HIV positive since I was 21.. I have HIV, I’m the type with the “purple halo”. I was very young when this diagnosis completely changed my life. At first i was afraid to dieand then be able to harm my neighbor. “What if you infect someone?” I said to myself. “I would never forgive myself.” It never happenedI have never infected anyone or died.

And again:

Instead, over the 21 years that therapy gradually allowed me to live an increasingly normal life, it was immeasurable shame for myself that killed me. I experienced the disease as if it were a mistake. I thought there was always me between me and another worse person. I felt dirty, flawed. I was afraid of being ridiculed, insulted, disqualified by the prejudice that still exists against us HIV-positive people. So to protect yourself I hid my illness begins to live a double life: one in the spotlight, and the other destructive and depressing. But half-life is not life. And I realized that I would die from this if I did not come to terms with this part of myself.

Finally he concluded:

I am many things and I am also my disease. Today I’m proud of myself, I’m not ashamed anymore and HIV is very different from how you imagine it. I i’m not dangerousI have tested negative and until I recover I cannot infect anyone. You can touch me, hug me, kiss me and everything in between. If you want to keep being afraid, I accept it.. But turn your eyes to your real enemy: ignorance..

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