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Post: Morning 5: Federica Panicucci from September? The host answers


Will Federica Panicucci still lead Mattino Cinque? Here is the answer.

According to what was stated by the interested party, Federica Panicucci will remain at the helm of Mattino Cinque. also in the next TV season.

Federica Panicucci will continue to conduct Mattino Cinque.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about Federica Panicucci’s possible farewell to Mattino Cinque. However, during an interview with Chi journalist Valerio Palmieri, the presenter wanted to clarifybreaking the silence:

They write that this is my last year at Mattino Cinque? I don’t comment on rumours.i can tell that I have a relationship with Mediaset based on great respect and mutual trust. which lasted thirty years.

Therefore, although he did not give a direct answer, emphasizing the little importance he attaches to gossip, and, conversely, the deep connection he has with Mediaset, implied that the rumors were unfounded. On the other hand, there are also parents who speak for Panicucci. listens great, he records his broadcastA: about 20% stock every day. Therefore, it seems clear that the host will be confirmed in September.

Moreover, starting Wednesday 5 April 2023, Panicucci will also headline Back to School., the Italia 1 program run by Nicola Savino last year, in which some VIPs will have to take a fifth grade exam. During the above interview, the host wanted to explain what it’s like to go from Mattino Cinque to this showdecidedly different:

Here we move from information to entertainment. Which changes? I would say they are changing it style And language. When you deal with the news, you have a serious, journalistic approach. When you’re dealing with entertainment, the atmosphere is more playful, even the language and way of addressing the public changes. And when I got into entertainment news 14 years ago, I struggled a lot because it was a language I didn’t know, a different way of working. I had to create my own tools and today I hope to be able to handle even unforeseen circumstances. I’ve done about 200 episodes a year and this is my fourteenth year, now do the math.

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