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Post: Lazza vs Selvaggia Lucarelli: Q&A fires up social media


Selvaggia Lucarelli and Lazza didn’t say anything about it.

Selvaggia Lucarelli angrily comments on a Q&A between Lazza and a userand the rapper responds immediately.

Lazza vs. Selvaggia Lucarelli

On Thursday, March 30, 2023, the social quarrel between Lazza and Selvaggia Lucarelli. The controversy arose over the rapper’s tweet:

So funny. Tonight in Paris, a guy at a bar asked me if I worked there.. He does not know that in a few years he will become my fan.

User commented: “But less life“, AND Lazza he replied: “Bitch“, adding that it’s not an insult, but a verb. Journalistknown for being outspoken, shared a screenshot of this question and answer on her profile, writing: “Lazza, phenomenon“. In this moment, the singer replied:

I’m sorry everyone took it so seriouslyobviously I played, and the usual profits to make a difference. I have read all your articles about San Remo., no half the time he mentioned me. Thanks for the Phenomenon.

Then another user attacked Lazza.trying to answer for Lucarelli:

‘Cause you’re a cosmic nothingness dear Lazza. As an artist, as a man, and even as a Twitter user, because you don’t even have money for a blue check.

She didn’t wait rapper’s answer:

As a man you don’t know meso don’t judge me for being superficial. As an artist, I would say that 21 weeks #1 and 6 platinum albums is not bad.. Think that if you pay, you can get a blue check that you really are a cosmic void. Big kiss.

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