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Post: Spiritika – Jamie Campbell Bower in 80s horror remake


Spiritika (Witchboard) is poised to join the long line of horror movies that have recently received a remake/reboot. So, here are the first details of the project, in the role of the protagonist of which is the star of the series “Very strange things” Jamie Campbell Bower.

In an age dominated by reboots, remakes and revivals, especially horror films, The 1986 project is ready to be reborn on the big screen. In fact, in these hours the news aboutWitchboard remake release known in Italy as spiritualism – The first chapter of the trilogy. The British actor will take on the role of the protagonist Jamie Campbell Bowerwho gained new popularity thanks to the role of the villain vecna in the fourth season very strange things.

Spiritika – First details of 80s horror remake

remake spiritualism will lead Chuck Russellalready behind the scenes of some horror and cult films of the 80s, 90s and 2000s – Nightmare 3 – Sleep Warriors, Blob is a liquid that kills, Mask – From Zero to Myth, Eliminator – Eraser, scorpion king AND Devil’s move. Russell is also involved in the project as a screenwriter and producer, along with Greg McKay. The production team also includes Cade Wu and Bernie Gewissler, with production outsourced to A-Nation Media. Filming starts in May and will take place between Montreal and New Orleans, and the names of other actors are not disclosed at the moment.

Plot witch boards will resume more or less exactly the original project and tell the story Emilyhis christian guy He was born in their group of friendswho open an organic cafe while renovating an old barn in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Emily, however, will find old Ouija board and a dark presence will haunt him. Then the Christian will turn for help tooccult expert Alexander Babiste, a man who keeps some secrets and knows the bloodlines linking Emily, Christian and their friends to the tablet. Between modern-day witches’ covens, a ball at the Babista mansion, and a disturbing legacy, Emily’s soul will be in danger. A strongly 80s plot, which could therefore find its place in the historical period in which this decade was forced back into the spotlight. For Campbell Bower’s Choice like the main character Chuck Russell he declared:

There is a long tradition in the film world of British actors with the charisma and talent to play any role. Jamie Campbell Bower is just such an actor, and now is his time.

So all that’s left is to wait updates on a project that could be the first chapter of a prolific franchise – as happened with the 1986 film.

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