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Post: Ezekiel Moss – James Gray working on his next project


Currently in theaters with Armageddon Time – Apocalypse Time, James Gray has chosen the next project to dedicate himself to, Ezekiel Moss, a story about friendship and… ghosts set during the Great Depression.

James Gray – currently in theaters The time of Armageddon is the time of the apocalypse – already chosen next project devote yourself. Actually, during these hours the news spread about the start of work on Ezekiel Mossfeature film in development for several years.

Ezekiel Moss – James Gray returns to talk about 1920s America

As already mentioned, the project has been in development for several years. Focus Features. TO direct it plaintiff was actually summoned Philip Seymour Hoffmanwho also became interested in directing shortly before his premature deathIN 2014 – his only work behind the camera dates back to 2010, Jack is on a boat. After distribution Time of Armageddon in the United States, the manufacturing house therefore decided to turn to James Gray. Install in time The Great Depression, Ezekiel Moss talk aboutfriendship between a little boy and a capable vagabond – Maybe – talk to the deadarrived in the city where the young protagonist lives.

At the moment, the names of the actors involved have not been disclosed, nor has a probable release date been determined. The feature film, whose crew includes James Gray himself, is based on screenplay Keith Bunincurrently working on a script for a remake of a Disney action movie. aristocrats. Filmmaker after directing several projects set in distant and unexplored worlds and universes. Lost Civilization And Hell Astra decided to tell his story Armageddon time – apocalypse time, an intimate semi-autobiographical portrait of an uneasy friendship between a young “scion” of a middle-class family in Queens and an African-American boy during the Reagan years. A project that boasts Anne Hathaway, Anthony Hopkins and Jeremy Strong in the cast could then spawn continuationwhose – ultimately – production will have to “stuck” with production Ezekiel Moss. Gray was already in charge 1920s film action, Once upon a time in New York (Immigrant). Thus, the project commissioned by Focus Feature has every reason to turn into an authentic and personal work, the details of which we hope to know as soon as possible. So all that’s left is to wait updates.

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