Post: Men and women preview, Lavinia Mauro has made her choice!

Today, Saturday, April 1, 2023, Lavinia Mauro completed her long throne for men and women. Here’s who he chose.

Today, Saturday, April 1, 2023, Lavinia Mauro made her long throne with men and women. 26-year-old Roman, who for several weeks was in the balance between two suitors, Alessio Campoli and Alessio Corvino, decided to leave the dating show Maria DeFilippi with the last one. Lavinia chose Alessio Campoli, who said yes!

Men and Women Classic Throne Preview: Lavinia Mauro’s Choice

Shortly before choice, Lavinia he declared:

“I am very happy, I am also a little, but not sad, but I have this veil of melancholy from having to leave everything. I’m lucky to have gone through my journey with the ups and downs that have been because it’s there but with two golden boys. I think that when you meet beautiful people, it is right to bring them inside anyway, obviously not with this extra feeling, but with a strong kindness. I can say that I have great respect for both.”

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