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Post: Quite right, Gianmarco Petrelli on Krikka: “I couldn’t find a better friend. Krikka is the golden boy.


Guest along with Piccolo G at Verissimo, Gianmarco Petrelli spoke about the deep friendship that connected him with Cricca at school. That’s what he said.

WITH little gdancer Friends of Gianmarco Petrelli was a guest very true in learning Sylvia Toffanin and talked about a very strong connection that connects him with another student of the school Maria DeFilippi: Clique.

Quite right, Gianmarco and a special friendship with Krikka

Gianmarco AND little g they had to leave the talent after being eliminated in the second series of the evening, thus interrupting their path in school. Interviewed Sylvia Toffanindancer Friends showed that at school he developed a strong friendship with Cliquewhom he now regards as one of his closest friends.

Already during the presentation video production of the program, videos are broadcast in which the two friends are close and how much they support each other. When Mary announced the release Gianmarco from the talent show, his own first burst into tears Clique. About experience and friendship with the singer Gianmarco He said:

“After watching this video, I made a certain impression on me, but I was very surprised when I became friends with Krikka. Krikka is a golden boy, he always puts others first before his own needs. my friendship can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and I can say that Cricca has a place of its own in my heart.”

After Clique this also happened to Megan Rialast week’s host, his girlfriend at school, who Gianmarco defined “something unexpected”:

“I already knew her before I joined Amici but we were just friends then you really get to know the people there… I’m glad I was able to learn more about Meghan and who she is, she says we are different. but actually I think there is a relationship. Am I in love? I have to say yes.”

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