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Post: Dungeons & Dragons – Honor Among Thieves: MCU Star’s Incredible Cameo Revealed


Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves features a small cameo from one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, also known for her role in the Marvel Universe. So let’s find out who it is.

Dungeons & Dragons – Honor for Thieves is currently in theaters around the world. The film immediately attracted the attention of (even) those who are not fans of the famous role-playing game foramazing cast involved, which features Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Hugh Grant, Rare-Jean Page, Justice Smith, and Sophia Lillis. But there’s another one in the movie Hollywood stars – and fromMarvel Universe who was involved in the project small cameo. So let’s find out who it is.

Dungeons & Dragons – Honor Among Thieves: unexpected cameo details

According to Dungeons & Dragons – Honor for Thieves hides little surprise cameothose. Bradley Cooper. Indeed, the actor appears in the roleHolga’s ex-husband (Michelle Rodriguez), Marlamine, halflings – he’s a hobbit, living in the town of Longsaddle. Cooper, thus, managed to perfectly “fit” into the vast world Dungeons and Dragons, becoming unrecognizable even to the most attentive viewers. The actor, moreover, is not new to this kind of “disguise”, because. borrow body and voice – by using computer graphics – To rocket raccoona member of the Guardians of the Galaxy team, whose latest adventure is due in theaters on May 3rd. throw but it was pretty unaware of Bradley Cooper’s involvementWITH Michelle Rodriguez originally played this scene with another later learn only about Cooper’s cameo and the end of filming:

There was another actor in this scene first [Dexter Fletcher, conosciuto anche per la sua attività di regista]. Then they added Cooper and let me know. At this point, I was speechless.

Cooper decided to take part in the film adaptation of the famous RPG when he found out about the involvement John Francis Daley – Feature film director with Jonathan M. Goldstein. In fact, they worked together on a sitcom. Kitchen Confidential and have kept in touch ever since. Dungeons & Dragons – Honor for Thieves so I prepared a little surprise for my fans. Let’s see if the star decides to take on larger roles in possible sequels or spin-offs. In the meantime, a meeting movie.

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