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Post: Dancing with the Stars, will Selvaggia Lucarelli be in the next edition? Millie Carlucci’s answer comes


As for the next installment of Dancing with the Stars, Selvaggia Lucarelli’s name is still in question. Millie Carlucci took care of clarifying the situation. That’s what he said.

Wild Lucarelli back for next release Dancing with the Stars? It seems that this question cannot be answered unequivocally, given that already during the last issue, the journalist seemed to be in the mood to leave, only to then retract her words. To clarify the situation, the host of the dance show thought about it. Paradise 1, Milly Carlucci.

Dancing with the Stars, Milli Carlucci clarifies the presence of Selvaggia Lucarelli

Leading Milly Carlucci revealed SuperGidaTV myself Wild Lucarelli back for next release Dancing with the Stars. Given the many controversies in which she has been involved, quarrels with fellow judges, as well as with VAT Zanicchi, the presence of a journalist in the next issue is not entirely obvious. And from the side of the person concerned there were no special statements, except that his agent confirmed that for the Selvaggia program, Lucarelli would return to the dance show.but the real decision is hers.

Milly Carlucci he presented on the site SuperGidaTV what will happen next year:

“We are trying to bring the public back to Rai 1 on Saturday night. We must take into account the popularity of the public, which changes over time. The entertainment program has been absent since 2019 due to shelters. It’s a burden and an honor to start taking the vacant seat again. On Selvaggia, there’s no need to specify anything, we are adults who work together and who can agree or disagree on a topic. There is no animosity, even if it’s funny to think about it in this way.”

So the ball is on Wild Lucarelli and only she can tell if she wants to return to the dance show Paradise 1.

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