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Post: Amici 22, the third episode of the evening broadcast tonight on Canale 5: previews and guests


A new evening date with the boys of the twenty-second issue of Amici.

This eveningSaturday April 1, 2023 prime time on Canale 5 I’ll go on the air the third series of Evening of Friends, Maria De Filippi Talent Show now in the twenty-second edition. Super presenter in the studio brilliant and funny couple of comedians Nunzia Di Biase and Corrado Nuzzo.

New episode of Amici tonight on Canale 5

The expectation for this is growing new edition of the evening Amici 22. The 11 young men who remained in the race were divided into three teams. The first, led by Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano, compiled by Aaron, Isobel and Ramon. Second led by Raimondo Todaro and Arisa, formed Mattia Zenzola, Alessio Cavalier, Wax and Federica Andreani. The third and last, captained by Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lot, consists of Krikka, Angelina Mango, Maddalena Svevi and Samu Segreto.

In accordance with achievementswill happen in the evening only one exception. There will be no shortage skirmishes in the studio between school teachers and they will be the worst Ramon, Wax and Samu Secret. Refereeing performances of the guys in the race is new jury composed of Cristiano Malgioglio, Michele Bravi and Giuseppe Giofre.

After elimination of Megan Ria, NDG, Piccolo G and Gianmarco Petrelli who will be the boys who are forced to leave school forever Friends? To find out more we just have to wait third episode of the eveningit will go aired tonight, Saturday, April 1, in prime time on Canale 5. Do not miss!

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