Post: Men and women, all the details of Lavinia’s choice and the reaction of Alessio Campoli

Today, Saturday, April 1, 2023, the new episodes of “Men and Women” were recorded: the choice of Lavinia Mauro.

Today, Saturday, April 1, 2023, they registered there.and new series “Men and Women”.

Men and women, Lavinia Mauro chose Alessio Corvino: all the details of the choice

26 year old Roman, Lavinia Mauro completed her throne with the choice of Alessio Corvino.. Here they are achievements details on Instagram page From Lorenzopugnaloni:

They were also in the studio. Federico Nicotera and Carola Carpanelli.

Before the selection, several videos were sent in which both grooms starred. So we’ve seen the “best moments” Campoli and then those of Crow which drew stormy applause from the audience. Even the most difficult moments, characterized by self-doubt, are not missed in the videos. Lavinia regarding the few courtesies he pointed out to his suitors during the journey.

There was also a very interesting moment in which the audience and the stalls participated: when everyone, fan (widely used and especially symbolic object for Lavinia) waved them at the same time.

When the trooper called Crowconfessed that she had many doubts about his true interest, but despite her hesitation, she could not choose the boy who made her heart beat. Alessio Corvino he told her that during the away game in Rome he had given her a puzzle but two important pieces were missing and he only handed him the last one today. Two boys kissed under the usual rain of petals and on sheet music “Your song”

Campolithough it was not a choice Laviniahe embraced her with great love.

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