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Post: Barack Obama’s daughter to direct first short film


Barack Obama’s daughter Malia to direct first short film

MOSCOW, April 5 – RIA Novosti. Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia to direct short film said producer Donald Glover in an interview with GQ. The tape will be one of the first projects of the Gilga company.

“You’re Obama’s daughter. You’re making a bad movie and she’ll follow you everywhere,” she says of her conversation with Malia.

Barack Obama’s eldest heir is 24 years old. He has already worked with Glover – he participated in the creation of the script for the series “The Swarm”. This was his first big project. And how notes People managed to impress veterans of the girl film industry.

Playwright Janine Nabers said of her impressions of working with Obama’s daughter, “Malia is an amazing writer. She has brought so much and is truly dedicated to her profession.”

The Roy show began airing on March 17. The GQ broadcast does not specify when Malia Obama’s first short film will be released.

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