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Post: Friends 22, is there something tender between Wax and Angelina Mango? Deleted Scene Mystery


According to Amici, fans of the program noticed the growing complicity between Wax and Angelina Mango, and thanks to some scenes that were cut from the air, gossip spread like wildfire. Let’s see what happened together.

At the school in Friends From Maria DeFilippi it is not unusual for couples to be born and new love to be born: also in this edition there was no shortage of love stories that made fans dream, for example between Megan Ria and Gianmarco Petrelli or between Federica Andreani and Piccolo. G. But c ‘it’s also a pair of talent friends Channel 5which fans would like to see in bloom, but which at the moment seems to be bound only by a lot of complicity: we are talking about wax AND Angelina Mango.

Friends 22, is there something tender between Wax and Angelina Mango?

Many fans have noticed how much between Angelina AND wax a very strong connection was established: the singer Lorella Cuccarini she has expressed her affection and friendship for Aris’ protégé singer and is one of the few who can have a calming effect on him. wax in turn, he is able to spur Angelina and ran to console her more than once. But between them only friendship? Angelina when she entered school, she announced that she was happily engaged, but the weekly Novella 2000 emphasized that there are some clues that may indicate that there may be something more than just friendship between the two singers.

In fact, the weekly accepted the fan theory that they are more than friends and stated that:

“Fans are becoming more and more convinced that there is some kind of romantic relationship between Angelina and Wax. For some of them, it will not be a matter of friendship, but of something deeper. It all started with the afternoon show a few days ago: before the announcement was made by Maria De Filippi, there was a minute pause in the house that was not shown. Just as the taping begins, we see both shirtless Wax and Angelina walking from the same direction and coming back to sit down. These two elements have instilled doubt among the enthusiasts”.

In addition to this point, it also seems that other scenes cut from the production show that there is a deep connection between the two singers: in fact, on Twitter, many fans noticed how the production may have shortened the moment between Angelina and Wax immediately after the elimination of Federica Andreani. Angelinaclose friend of Federica, was in the garden in tears and it seems that Wax came to comfort heras shown in some of the footage showing shoes similar to those of the singer as he approaches the door to the garden.

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