Post: Isola dei Famosi, nightmarish night for Cristina Scuccia: “she was trembling with fear”

The singer and former nun among the protagonists of Isola dei Famosi is frightened by some phobias.

Christina Skucciaamong the castaways of the new editionCelebrity Islandfaces some phobias which he announced he wanted to overcome before leaving for Honduras.

Island 2023: Christina Scuccia is afraid of the dark and insects

The singer, a former nun, admitted that she was afraid of the dark, as well as insects. The night she had just spent on the island had put her to the test, and one of her fellow adventurers, Corinne Cleryclaimed to have seen her in terror on the atoll:

“She felt bad, it made me sweet. I found her so, very scary, sitting frozen. I suffered from darkness and I know what it means. Once I was so scared that I passed out. Yesterday she started screaming “Oh God, what for what? Help. “But instead it was just a leaf. In the end, she fell asleep next to me, and I calmed her down. It’s pitch dark here, there’s not even a light, you can’t see anything.”

Corinne Then he continued his story:

“Yesterday she started yelling, ‘Oh my God, what is this thing? Help!”, calmed down. Because it’s pitch dark here, there’s not even light, you can’t see anything.”

Christinerelieved, thank you Corinne:

“Yes, it’s true, I’m scared. In fact, I thank you for being by my side. I feel good now because it’s daytime, but as soon as the lights go out, today will be the same. Yes, I was scared, because I thought the flyer was a cockroach. Unfortunately, it was a very hard night, to be honest.”

“This is an act of unconsciousness,” Cristina told Verissimo. “When I think about it, I feel overwhelmed with fear, but fears have to be faced. Since the jump… I am also afraid of water, if I think of insects, oh don’t eat. I will surprise you, I will avoid bikinis because I will not feel at ease. I found a solution, I will be collected. The important thing is to get through this experience with your best efforts. In my opinion, when I return, I will be different again, because I see it as a renewal in my personal growth.”

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