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Post: Friends 22, Maddalena Svevi’s confession: “If I’m here, it’s thanks to her”


Maddalen Svevi gets emotional in Amici 22.

The expectation for this is growing semi-final twenty second edition Friends. On this occasion, Emanuel Lo decided to appoint a special assignment for his student Maddalena Svevi. A task that, however, shocked a good dancer.

Maddalena Svevi open heart for Amici 22

Wax, Mattia Zenzola, Isobel Kinnear, Aaron, Angelina Mango and Maddalena Svevi are Amici 22 semi-finalists.. It is the latter, in view of the next episode Eveningreceived a special envelope from his trainer Emanuel Lo. The dancer will have to dance to the notes of “Padre Madre” by Cesare Cremonini:

My dear semi-finalist, I heard that you are tired of being considered only light, and instead you would like to read both the strong and emotional part of you. I know very well that you have all three of these qualities, but it’s time to show it to others and shut them up. And that’s why I decided to give you a deep and intimate song, but at the same time fast and joyful…

I want you to stage these mixed feelings to give us your strength, your fragility and your joy. […] I know that this song will bring back memories in you that you can hold on to in order for this choreography to work in the best possible way. I also know that the lyrics to this song are yours and you can identify yourself. Good job.

Appointment of Emanuel Lo shook my soul Madeleine. After reading the lyrics of the song, the dancer actually started talking about her family leaving. carried away by emotions:

Beautiful! My family is one of my weak points, this song evokes in me my history, their history… everything that has been good and bad since they were apart. I would not want to change anything, everything that we are now is thanks to the past. I would like to experience my sister and father more. I lived with my mother, and it separated us. […] My mother? Since I was born, I can’t remember a moment that I didn’t share with her. She is my best friend. If I’m here, it’s only because of her. Despite a thousand problems of all kinds, she never made me stop dancing. My father, on the other hand, didn’t like to dance, he said it took us time to be together, he said I don’t have time to see him because I dance. But now I know that he is happy and proud. I have such a special relationship with him that I can’t blame him. I’m proud of them.

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