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Post: Al Bano, interview with an open heart: “I know what happened to Ilenia, Romina does not want to put up with it”


In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the singer returned to talk about his daughter Ilenia, who went missing in New Orleans in 1994.

Al Bano Carrisi gave a long interview Corriere della Sera ahead of his 80th birthday birthdaywhich will be celebrated on May 20 next year.

Al Bano: “Marriage with Romina did not fall apart due to the disappearance of Ilenia. After that, I thought about suicide.”

On this occasion, the singer Cellino San Marco returned to talk about his daughter Ilenia, who went missing in New Orleans in 1994..

“Ilenia was an extraordinary girl. She studied at King’s College in London. She spoke English, Spanish, French, Portuguese. She came with us to Moscow and learned a little Russian. Then she accompanied us to the USA, to shoot a documentary. “America has lost. We went from Los Angeles to New Orleans. And there he made a fateful meeting.

“Homeless,” he continued, “street artists. I remember a black man, his name was Masakela.” Street artists. I remember a black man, his name was Masakela. One evening the company went to the cinema, but I stayed with Ilenia because I noticed something strange. Suddenly she ran, and I followed her, she shouted “stop, this man wants to hurt me”, and that man was me, I shouted “leave me, this is a drug problem.” She lost me, I found her in the morning at 8 o’clock. She told her mother that she risked her life in Mississippi waters.”

Al Bano reconstructed the night when Ilenia disappeared.:

“I reconstructed that night hour by hour. I spoke to witnesses. I met Masakela, who was also imprisoned but denied her guilt. he warned her: you cannot stay here. But Ilenia did not leave. The Guardian insisted, so she told him, “I belong to the waters,” and dived into the river, swimming in a butterfly. There I realized that the guardian was telling the truth, because Ilenia said this phrase as a child before diving, and she was swimming in a butterfly. But Mississippi does not forgive. Romina never wanted to accept this.

Talking about the end of it wedding With Romina Powerthe singer said:

“The marriage with Romina did not break up due to the disappearance of Ilenia. Her look has not been the same for a long time. After the disappearance of Ilenia and parting with Romina, I was alone for nine years. The pain was terrible. I thought that God had abandoned me. And along with the pain I heard a voice that said, “Al Bano has been eliminated. Al Bano, get it over with.” But then I realized that it was the voice of the devil. And I also felt the presence of God. I felt a deep peace I said to myself: who are you to judge God? Remember that He also lost his son ” .

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