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Post: Yulia Peresild released a video for her daughters, shot on the ISS.


The star of the TV series “Challenge” Yulia Peresild has released a fun video for her daughters, shot in space.

MOSCOW, May 5 – RIA Novosti. Yulia Peresild recorded a fun video for her daughters on the ISS. She posted the video on her social media page.

Julia Peresild
Julia Peresild
Peresild writes, “Of course there I thought the most about my babies. I thought of Anka and Marus. I missed them so much! So I wanted to share with them everything I saw and felt.”

The footage shows the actress with patches under her eyes. A fork and an orange float weightlessly in front of him.

Yulia Peresild went into orbit for the sake of the picture “Challenge”. This is the first movie shot in space. He spent 12 days on the ISS with director Klim Shipenko.

Earlier it was reported that “The Struggle” exceeded one billion rubles for fees at the local box office. The cassette was released in Russian cinemas on April 20.

Movie Finisher.  first hero

“Finist. First Hero”: the first photos from the filming

Source: Ria

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