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Post: Oldboy: Park Chan Wook’s Restored Movie Trailer


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the release, a restored version of the film was made, introducing Western audiences to the genius of Korean director Park Chang Wook.

If you follow us, you know perfectly well that years have passed – long before the international feat parasites – that we keep repeating that the one coming from South Korea is one of the best cinematic films in circulation and has been for many years. On the other hand, today names such as Bong Joon Ho and from Park Chanukif we talk about the two most famous representatives of that cinema, they are already known not only to a narrow circle of enthusiasts, but also to a wider audience.
This was not the case twenty years ago. And twenty years ago, when A park he made two big films like js extension AND Mr. Vendettawas the release of the second chapter of the trilogy about revenge, oldboyto make the director famous all over the world.
Cast great Choi Min-sik, oldboy telling the story of a man who, mysteriously freed fifteen years later and equally mysteriously abducted and taken captive in a cell that looks like a hotel room, finds that he must first discover the identity of his captor, and then the shocking reasons why he is so was in captivity for a long time.
Determined Quentin Tarantino “a film I would like to make”, awarded by Colonel Jura Grand Prix at Cannes in 2004, oldboy was an extremely successful and highly influential film, as evidenced by the two remakes that have been made of it: the first in India, directed by Sanjay Guptaentitled Zindasecond in Hollywood since Spike LeeWith Josh Brolin like the main character.
On the occasion of the film’s 20th anniversary, NEON is gearing up for a re-release. oldboy in theaters in the United States in a restored version, and this trailer that accompanies him. Note that in Italy oldboy currently available streaming on Prime Video and NOW.

Park Chanukwho presented his new film The Beautiful at Cannes last year. The decision to leaveis currently producing a television series sympathizerPulitzer Prize-winning film adaptation of the novel Viet Thanh Nguyen “Sympathetic”published in Italy by Neri Pozza, starring Hoa Xuande, Sandra Oh, Robert Downey Jr., Fred Nguyen Khan, Toan Le, Wee Le, Alan Chong, Kieh Chin and Nguyen Cao.

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