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Post: Cannes Film Festival 2023: 15 films that intrigue us the most


The 76th edition of the French Film Festival is just around the corner and these are just a few of the films that we are looking forward to with great curiosity at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

It opens tonight, with an official showing Jeanne Dubarry – The King’s Favoritefilm directed by and starring Maiwenn With Johnny Depp, 76th Cannes Film Festival.What will follow daily news, reviews and videos thanks to correspondents Federico Gironi and Mauro Donzelli.
You can view the full program of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival here.

Among the films that will compete for golden palm who will be appointed International jury chaired by Ruben Östlund there are also three Italian films that sun of the future Nanni Moretti kidnapped Marco Bellocchio Chimera Alice Rohrwacher.
From the movie Nanni Moretti we already know everything (here is our review), and those caretaker AND Rohrwacher they are all to be discovered, and they are very intriguing to us. In fact, we included them among the 15 items Cannes Film Festival 2023 what we most want to discover in the coming days.

Here are the 15 films from the 2023 Cannes Film Festival that intrigue us the most.

About dried herbs

About dried herbs (in competition) a new film by a Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan, the one who makes the film, of course, not for all tastes, strictly the author’s, but, undoubtedly, very valuable. A true regular at the Cannes Film Festival, where in 2003 he won the Special Jury Grand Prix for UzakBest Director Award 2008 Three monkeysanother special Grand Prix in 2011 for Once upon a time in Anatolia and the Palme d’Or for the film Winter Kingdom – Winter Dream in 2014. Can he get the money again this time? About Dry Grasses will arrive in Italy with films inspired by.

asteroid city

Wes Anderson AND asteroid city (in competition) certainly needs no introduction. However, curiosity to watch his new film is great, especially after seeing the first images in the trailer below. Also because, to be honest, his last French dispatch (also presented at Cannes) has led many to doubt that its unmistakable aesthetic is being transformed somewhat cloyingly. But what Asteroid City promises is something cohesive, but at the same time different, more abstract, paradoxically, more minimalistic. Let’s see.


Heavenly body. Miracles. Happy Lazar. Three films (all three at Cannes, the first in Fortnightly, the other two directly in competition) that have staged Alice Rohwacher on the map of the most interesting female directors in circulation, in Italy and in the world. This time, the director, returning to Cannes for the competition, tells a story that combines the search for love with the search for easy money, placing a mysterious and lanky English boy alongside a gang of grave robbers busy stealing Etruscan artifacts from underground tombs. There are only photos, but they look interesting, and between them and the plot there is such an impression that Alice Rohwacher and explore new territories.

“Drol de Guerres”

It has long been rumored that the last work of the great Jean-Luc Godardshort film, can be shown on Cannes Film Festival. When the program he was absent from was announced, many were disappointed. When there were some additions to the program, the same thing. Then the program was announced Cannes Classicand here it is “Drol de Guerres”. It has been described as “the ultimate cinematic gesture”, and the same Godard he wrote of it: “No longer trusting the billions of alphabetic dictates to regain my freedom to incessant metamorphoses and metaphors of real language, going back to past filming locations while taking real stories into account.”

Fallen leaves

Aki Kaurismaki – for us one of the most important living directors – he hasn’t made a movie since 2017, the year in which Another face of hope it was presented at the Berlinale where it won the Silver Bear for Best Director. This is his new Fallen leaves (in competition) is described as a “gentle tragicomedy” and is the fourth part of the so-called “Trilogy of Losers”started in 1986 with Shadows in the sky and continued in 1988. Ariel and in 1990 with Girl with matches. According to the production, “With this film, Kaurismäki pays homage to Bresson, Ozu and Chaplin by telling a story about the things that can bring a sense of humanity into the future: the pursuit of love, solidarity, hope and respect for other people. , for nature and for everything living or non-living”.


Presented in section midnight shows, Hypnotic this is a thriller with the participation of such an actor dear to us as Ben Affleckand a director capable of delivering very pleasant surprises: Robert Rodriguezalready a child prodigy with a legendary debut El Mariachithen Tarantino’s partner in films such as From dusk to dawn AND planetary terrorauthor of children’s films such as the saga of Spy Kidsbut also from two Machete and many other movies, including underrated Alita. Affleck is a police officer looking for his daughter. William Fichtner the villain of the moment, one who seems to have strange powers.

Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destiny

What can I say? Could anyone ever be surprised by the fact that Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destinythe fifth chapter of the legendary saga, as among the films that we most want and are curious to see, out of competition, on Cannes Film Festival? Is there anyone waiting not singing the Indiana Jones theme written by John Williams? And if the desire to see it again was not enough Harrison Ford like the old Indy, the cast also has Phoebe Waller-Bridgeone of Rubbish. Do you need anything else? Space in trailer.


This has nothing to do with John Fitzgerald, the President of the United States who was assassinated in Dallas, or his brother Bobby, or any other member of one of the most famous and powerful families in the United States. This Kennedy here, he is an insomniac ex-cop who is presumed dead but operates in the shadows. director Kennedy’s name is Anurag KashyapIndian, made some crazy movies like Ugly or Raman Raghav 2.0 (also known as PsychoRaman, seen by us only at festivals. But, let’s just say, this is also a series Sacred Games Netflix. In these parts, we place a strong bet on this section film midnight shows.

Flower Moon Assassins

Again, nothing to say or explain. let `s talk about Martin Scorseseand his new film. Anyway, we can point out how it is again Flower Moon Assassins wanted out of competition by Scorsese and his producers, while Cannes pushed hard for it to be among the titles that would compete for the Palme d’Or for this 76th festival. This film marks the sixth collaboration between Martin Scorsese AND Leonardo DiCaprioand the tenth between the director and Robert DeNiro. The first photos, to be honest, are puzzling to some, but there are too few of them to judge. Must see.


It is presented in the section Cannes premiere Kubifilm marking the return of the great director Takeshi Kitano six years after the last Outrage queuereleased in 2017 and the final chapter of a trilogy of yakuza films called, namely, disturbance. Kubi is an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Kitano himself in 2019 and is an epic action film inspired by a historical event that has been mentioned several times in Japanese pop culture, the so-called “The Honno-ji Incident”. Talking about his film (which, contrary to what was thought, should no longer be the one with which he would turn down directing), Kitano he did not hide his desire to refer to the cinema of the great master Akira Kurosawaespecially for movies like seven samurai AND Kagemusha.

May December

Todd Haynes, one of the great modern directors, often and willingly travels to Cannes. Two years ago he was there with his wonderful documentary about Velvet Undergroundbefore that, in competition, with films like Miracle room (not one of his best works) Carol, Velvet goldmine. This is his new May Decemberagain in the fight for the Palme d’Or, you see Natalie Portman as an actress exploring a film that turns a married couple’s life upside downJulianne Moore AND Charles Melton), which had been on the front pages of every tabloid newspaper in the country twenty years earlier. On paper, there is something to lick your mustache from.

Project Silence

For several years now, the Cannes Film Festival has been openly opening its doors to Korean cinema, and not only to great directors such as Park Chanuk AND Bong Joon Ho, but also high-level directors who, nevertheless, make films with an even more explicit gender identity. This year, in addition to the apocalyptic web From Kim Ji WoonV midnight shows There are also Project SilenceFilm about kim tae gon which follows a group of people struggling to survive when, in thick fog, they find themselves on a suspension bridge that is about to collapse.


Mark BellocchioGorgeous 83-year-old man making a series of impressive films: just think of an unusual documentary Marx can waitoa night exteriorwhy he was the new winner David di Donatello for directing. Cannes in 2021 awarded him the honorary Palme d’Or: but dissatisfied, hungry for new achievements, he returns to compete for the Palme d’Or for best film with kidnapped. Written since Suzanne Nicchiarelli, kidnapped (which opens in Italian cinemas on May 25) tells the true story of Edgardo Mortara, a Jewish child who, in 1858, at the age of seven, was taken by the Papal States and taken away from his family to grow up as a Catholic. .

Strange way of life

Eat Pedro Pascal AND Ethan Hawke what cowboys do, overtly queer subtext, title taken from the song’s verse Amalia Rodriguez (which says that there is nothing stranger than the existence of someone who lives, turning away from their own desires), and is directed by another great director, a native of Madrid. Pedro Almodovar. It’s a short film, but who cares: it was great after all human voicethe one that was presented in Venice with Tilda Swinton great main character.

Area of ​​interest

It’s been ten years since the last movie was released. Jonathan Glazerthat wasUnder the skin presented in Venice. Now the English director, also known for his work as the author of famous music videos, is back on the big screen and is coming to the competition at the Cannes Film Festival for the first time. Area of ​​interest however, it is interesting not only because of the name of its author, but also because it is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name (published in Italy by Einaudi under the title “Region of Interest”) by one of the largest contemporary writers, Martin Amis. Plus, suppose the story deals with Nazism and death camps, but in an unusual way, that’s all.

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