Post: Amici, 22, Angelina Mango talks about relationship with Wax: ‘The fact that he was here helped me a lot’

Angelina Mango recalls her experience at Amici 22.

At the school in Friends 22 was bornspecial friendship between Angelina Mango and Wax. To shed light on their relationship, a young and talented singer thought about it, who, in an interview with Sylvia Toffanin very truehe also recalled his wonderful experience in Canale 5 talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi.

Angelina’s truth about her relationship with Wax

a special relationship that began at Amici 22 between Angelina Mango and Wax charmed everyone. But what really is between the two young singers? The singer began to clarify her situation. In an interview with Sylvia Toffanin a few hours before the final daughter of the late singer-songwriter Mango he declared:

With Wax there is a bond based on trust, respect and respect. And there is a lot of support, I know that I can always count on him. It helped me a lot that he was here […] Relationships are built very quickly here. It couldn’t get any better than this.

Angelinawho was in the final lost in the televote to dancer Mattia Zenzolahe later told how she felt when she entered Amici’s school:

I got a little scared before entering. Before entering, I followed them from home and was afraid of appearing unpleasant or failing to integrate. I didn’t consider myself a very sociable person. Then everything happened by itself, and it became known about him inevitably. […] I feel that this experience helped me a lot. I didn’t realize how much help I needed. He took away so many problems from me, gave me so many opportunities, so many gifts. It is inevitable that he has changed, but above all, the way I see things has changed. I feel more inclined to look for the good things and not focus on the bad ones. Maybe there were a lot of pleasant surprises, because I did a good job, otherwise they would not have happened. So things have to go get them.

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