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Post: Gabriele Mainetti, the shooting of a new movie has begun: in Piazza Vittorio kung fu…


Gabriele Mainetti, director of They Call Me Jig Robot and Freaks, has yet to have a title: a kung fu story set in Piazza Vittorio in Rome. Mulan’s stunt double is Liu Yasi, followed by Enrico Borello, Marco Giallini, Sabrina Ferilli and Luca Zingaretti.

After They called him Jig Robot AND Freaksdirector Gabriel Mainetti continues his act of love for genre cinema, this time embracing kung Fu… in the vicinity of Piazza VittorioTo Romean ideal multi-ethnic context for a story of this type, rethought “in Mainetti”. he resumed just started, with a screenplay by Stefano Bizes, Davide Serino and Mainetti himself, with production by Wildside / Goon Films / Vision / Sky / DCM (Germany) / Quad Films (France). But who is in throw?

Movie about kung fu by Gabriele Mainetti with Marco Giallini, Sabrina Ferilli, Luca Zingaretti

No word yet on when the new film will be ready. Gabriel Mainetti just started to turn into Romebut Variety tells us about the cast, which the director has organized: the protagonist of the story, which has not yet been revealed, will be a martial arts expert. Liu Yaxiknown in Hollywood as Understudy Liu Yifei in a recent remake Mulan. Next to her Henry Borello, Marco Giallini, Sabrina Ferilli AND Luca Zingaretti.
Spreading the visionwhich will distribute the feature film in Italy, will launch the project on Marché di Cannes look for buyers to distribute the film around the world. Director’s latest work They called him Jig Robot was Freakswhich was released in theaters in autumn 2021.

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