Post: Big Brother Vip, new long bang arrives from Oriana Marzoli, Daniele Dal Moro comments: “Now there’s nothing left”

At night, Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro returned to talk about the end of their love story, born in the recent release of Gf Vip 6.

In the night, Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro returned to talk about the end of their love story, born in a recent issue girlfriend vip 6

Gf Vip, Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro outbreaks continue after breakup

Oriana it was a flood in the room on Twitter, in which he spoke at length and in detail even about the last days spent with the former Venetian throne, and explaining the reasons why their characters are incompatible. Shortly thereafter, there was a rather decisive intervention by the former Jeffino.

Here are the statements about Oriana Marzoli, brought from Isakiah

“Even before I was the one who said nasty things, but sometimes words really hurt, you know? Especially when you hear them from someone you care about, someone you’re in love with, you know? It’s not that I deleted the photo, I should be in punishment all my life. It’s just that this case was something that is not superficial for me. I remind you that since he suffered a lot in his life, I entered this program, on Big Brother, after a month that I broke up with my boyfriend after four years, who constantly cheated on me and could not appear in my stories, because he was afraid that the girls would tell me that he was dating other girls. This is not nonsense. Secondly, we are public figures, we have made ourselves known, both individually and together, in a program that looks at the whole of Italy, so what is the problem of being noticed even from the outside if you have done it before?”

What difference does it make if you are still criticized because you do not make a decision, the choice, even if you are still criticized, to publish me because you make me happy. On the other hand, you don’t make me happy. What does it cost you to make me happy? AND bullshit * but I swear it gives me security. I swear I want to cry because he doesn’t understand. But I say he didn’t understand what the hell it was for me, I told him I swear. Sitting at his house, I told him “look for this garbage for you, not for me.” Not that I want… my boyfriend to do this to his girlfriends, but who cares. I do not need it. AND Since I’ve always been a public figure, I don’t need anyone to see this. AND which pleases me. I do not know how to explain it. I love showing my happiness. AND easier than you think, it’s superficial.” “But when you’re following all these women, do you really think it doesn’t hurt me? I will not do this. The person who wants to be with you does not tell you that they want to leave your home. If he sees you leaving, he will stop you and realize that he is scared. I have to take the train, I don’t live near his house. I have to go by train, with two suitcases, not like nonsense *. And this matter never interested him. Those things don’t work. But from there I realized that in fact he was not in love with me. I said ok, ok, they’re bullshit, it wasn’t a problem, but they sent me the answers exactly like they did years ago, we already know the story, ok, let’s leave it alone. I say and repeat, because if you want to stay with me, tell me that we are not three thousand times incompatible. Outside. AND unpleasant to hear, but he always told me about it.

There Marzoli then he continued:

“So if a person says they don’t know whether to be with you because they think we have no future, I feel like crap. It doesn’t give me security. The person you constantly ask to please you needs to hear that it’s proud of me who wants to be noticed. People think it’s nonsense, but I’m not interested in the likes of others. I’m interested in the likes of someone I like. In this case, it’s him. I like watching just to see if it’s there. AND that alone makes me happy. Sounds crazy, I don’t know how to explain. “Ah, this is bullshit, social media is nothing”, but first of all it’s a job for me, so maybe for other non-humans it’s nothing, but for me it’s part of my life, because I work with it. Secondly, I was practically born on television. I started when I was 18, so imagine if I’m not used to it. I have no problem getting noticed, and in any case, I’m not the type to tell everything like so many others do. Only this time in my life I’m talking in a room I didn’t even know existed and only he taught me how to do it. I didn’t even know how to use this thing, but damn it, make me happy by making you with me. AND This.”

“I think a person is compatible if they want to be compatible. I’ve told them three thousand times. A match works if you want it to work. It’s not ‘ah, we’re super compatible because you’re a cancer and I’m fish”. I work if you have the patience to be willing to accept things. But accepting things doesn’t mean forcing a person to be the way you want…. “If you keep saying bad things to me, it means you don’t feel so bad. He got angry because I told him more. I said I didn’t believe him. After I believed him, two minutes later I said ok, I believe him and I was there with him for an hour. He said he was sweating, then locked himself in the bathroom. I sat with him for an hour without speaking because he could not speak. I hugged him, kissed him, he held my hand. So I thought, okay, everyone, of course we’ll make up, because I’m comfortable shaking hands. He goes to the bathroom, I close it, and then when I knock twice, he tells me that he wants to stay there. Then he opens, I go in, because it’s bad. He tells me to go to sleep because I relax by feeling the water. And I’m going to sleep. I wake up at 6.40 when he packs his bag to leave. He says I want to be alone. I understand how I wake up. I swear I didn’t understand anything. You first shake my hand, then you leave, then you come back, you start arguing again. I sincerely thought he… sincerely what I think, I’m really sorry and it hurts even more to think that he’s been doing so many bad things lately because he really didn’t know how to get away from me. This is the thought that I have. I can’t talk to him because he screams. When I was in Madrid and I already felt bad with him, we quarreled, so I went to Madrid. Now you know. He didn’t talk to me, I had to talk to him. I wrote him a message that I was sick, that I missed him, he also replied. But if I didn’t talk to him, he didn’t talk to me.”

“I’m going back to Italy, I’m going to this shoot, and while I was filming this shoot, they send me that she was following this person, which I don’t know who she is, and I don’t care. the girl already subscribed to her many years ago and even loves her. So I don’t understand anything. He says that he has known her for 15 years. I mean, but damn at 15 years old you could follow her earlier. A little strange not I won’t even say what she said, because I remember and will remember that I don’t want to say anything bad about her comparisons, because I’m completely different in that sense. He told me that I was deleting my subscriber “Anyway, I’m going back to Verona. We talk, he explains his whole life to me, because at Casa I never sat down with him to talk about his life with all these problems. I can understand that. Realizing that, unfortunately, we can not be together, but I say, come on, the poor boy suffered a lot, and even if he does not want to be with me, poor thing. Let’s leave this relationship like this, and he, obviously ends up crying.”

Replica Daniele Dal Moro on Oriana’s latest statements:

I don’t even feel like arguing with Oriana anymore, especially with Oriana. Oriana and I are fine… When we are fine, we are fine and there is nothing to say, we are fine from all points of view. I love her so much that I don’t even have it with her. A week ago, I had a basket of things, and now there’s nothing left… Not even Oriana’s profile pictures.!

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