Post: Horror version of “Sleeping Beauty in the Forest”: the film is in development

Following the recent announcement of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty will also have its own horror adaptation called Sleeping Beauty Massacre.

This is not the time for Princess Aurora to fall asleep, considering she’s getting a slasher movie soon. Following the blood trail of other beloved characters has also turned into horror films. sleeping Beauty will receive horror adaptation. There seems to be a new trend for the entertainment industry in the city. After a (liked) experiment blood and honey starring ruthless Winnie the Pooh disappointed with the rejection Christopher Robin going to college, it was announced that too Bambi There will be a horror adaptation. The latest movie included in the list of horror retellings is Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty Becomes Terror: Sleeping Beauty Massacre

Fairy tales become dark at the cinema. The characters that kids love the most will soon hit the big screen with more slasher tones. This trend, successfully launched by Blood and Honey, then also affected Grinchmain character in Sneaky where he appears as a ruthless serial killer who robs Christmas, picking up victims along the way. A horror adaptation was also recently announced. Cinderella, but that’s not all. Aurora will also have a horror movie. According to Damn disgusting exclusively a film called Sleeping Beauty Massacre is due to begin filming in August in the UK and has already outlined its storyline.

In this retelling of horrors, the protagonist is a beauty Princess Talia, which fell into disrepair after the mysterious death of his father. She lives with Prince Edison, whom she is in love with but cannot marry because he lost his title after his father’s death. There Queen VelmaMoreover, she intends to rule the kingdom herself and, in order to achieve her goal, she will use black magic to plunge Thalia into a deep eternal sleep. However, one day Thalia wakes up and the queen’s dense web of lies begins to crack. The film has also already chosen its cast, consisting of Leela Lasso, Leah Glather, Robbie Taylor, Sophie Rankin, Charlotte Coleman AND Judy Cherniak. Play Princess Thalia Laura Hristova. The project was entrusted to the management Louise Warren, who has already featured in horror adaptations of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, is also a producer. The script, however, Jasmine Ebony Thomas. The director of the new horror film adaptation said:

This movie will turn everything you know upside down. It’s wild, dark, and downright terrifying. I intend to create the most uncomfortable horror experience ever. There will be lies, blood and great slaughter. If you think about the source material, there is something to work with.

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