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Post: A recording of medieval stand-up comedy found in England


Stand-up comedy recording found in 15th century text in England

MOSCOW, June 1 – RIA Novosti. A recording of medieval stand-up comedy found in England writer cites an article in The Review of English Studies.

Professor James Wade stumbled upon it while studying the Hige Manuscript. According to the expert, in the 1480s the clerk copied a now-lost note from an unidentified minstrel who was performing near the border of the counties of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

“A huge collection of medieval poems, songs, stories has been lost. Manuscripts often contain the remains of high works of art. But this text is something else. Extravagant, pretentious, that’s valuable. Stand-up comedy always involves risk, and these are Records and Nobles. and it’s risky for ordinary people,” said Wade.

According to the expert, there are several points in the booklet that indicate that the lover’s concert was recorded. The three texts studied are humorous. They are intended to be performed in front of an audience. For example, the narrator asks to be given a drink. There are jokes that catch the attention of the local audience and show that the audience is aware of his life.

Wade suggests that the bard recorded the performance because it was difficult to remember.

“This is a self-taught artist with a poor education. And he creates original and ironic materials. It is very rare to learn about such a person who lived at that time,” the scientist shares his impressions.

Probably many minstrels worked during the day. For example, farmers or traders (peddlers). They performed at night or on weekends. Perhaps some have traveled around the country, while others have only performed at a few venues.

It was previously reported that a woman found a Viking treasure in the basement of her family’s home while cleaning.

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