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Post: The Boogeyman Stephen King loved the movie and sent an email to the director.


Stephen King liked the adaptation of The Boogeyman so much that he contacted the director via email and made a new offer.

boogeyman especially liked Stephen King, up to writing an email to the director with a new proposal. The King of Horror built a literary empire with compelling and dark storylines, and many of these stories have since taken the big and small screens by storm. The Boogeyman is just the latest example of how the entertainment industry can’t resist the lure of horror storylines. The theatrically released film is based on a short story by Stephen King titled Baubauer. And it seems that the writer highly valued creativity Rob Savagedirector, so much so that he wrote him a heartfelt email proposing.

Stephen King’s ‘Boogeyman’ wants to collaborate with director again

The story of the Boogeyman tells of a family in grief. Sadie Harper (Sophie Thatcher) and his sister sawyer they have recently lost their mother, and their father, Will, a therapist, does not appear to be openly supportive. Their lives change when a desperate patient knocks on their front door, leaving behind a supernatural creature that feeds on pain. Even before the release, Stephen King admitted that he especially liked the new adaptation of The Boogeyman. And, indeed, he would even contact the director with an offer make another adaptation of his works. According to ScreenRantThe horror writer reportedly approached the director to collaborate on screen again. Interviewed kingcastdirector The Boogeyman said the writer contacted him via email.

I can’t say too much about rights. This is one of those projects that I mentioned to King and that I would like to do. After he saw the movie, he sent me this surreal email, considering it’s Stephen King, writing, “We should work together on something else.” I immediately thought of I Langolieri, and it seemed really enthusiastic to me.

Langoliers it is a short story that has long since become a television mini-series released in 1995. The story in question is part of a collection Four after midnight. The story follows passengers on a late night plane who discover they are the only people left at an abandoned airport. The proposal made by Rob Savage intrigued Stephen King and bodes well.

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