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Post: Isola dei Famosi, Marco Mazzoli vs. Helena Prestes: “You can’t get in there and…”


Tension on Isola dei Famosi after the return of Helena Prestes.

Compared to Pamela Camassa and Alessandra Drusian, Helena Prestes discussed with Marco Mazzoli and Fabio Ricci. Cause? Behavior of the shipwrecked de Celebrity Islandwho intentionally left his shoes hanging in the Jalisse singer’s camp, prompting a reaction from the castaways.

Marco Mazzoli tired of Helena Prestes

Voltage a Celebrity Island After return of Helena Preste to Playa Fantasma. Cause? Controversial New Edition Shipwreck reality show hosted by Ilari Blasi he decided to leave his shoes hanging in the camp Fabio Riccinot wanting to move them:

Guess I’ll leave them there so you don’t hit your head. The towels belong to everyone and I put them there so they don’t get wet when it rains. […] And where should I put them? I don’t like leaving things on the floor..

Elena’s gesture didn’t like it at all Fabio, who repeatedly suggested that she move her shoes. If soloist Jalisse then he gave up, everything was different Reaction of Marco Mazzoli. Considering the model’s gesture as a manifestation of disrespect, the radio announcer Lo Zoo di 105 took the shoes and threw them away:

You can’t go there and put your shoes where Fabio sleeps, Mazzoli said in a confessional, as if to say that I create my own corner, I want my fire, I want to be in charge, because I am the queen of my life. a new tribe that should actually exist, but I’ll leave the shoes on your head so that you understand that if you want, I can return.

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