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Post: Big Brother Vip, the whole truth about Orian Marzoli: “I’m in love with Daniele Dal Moro, he knows very well that…”


Oriana Marzoli’s scathing on social media following the latest allegations made by Daniele Dal Moro.

Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro was at the center of a real media fuss. To try and shed some light on the situation, he thought about it. finalist of the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip what, talking to his fans, he said the whole truth about the end of the relationship with the Venetian model.

Oriana Marzoli’s outburst and Daniele Dal Moro’s response

Between mutual accusations and high-profile insinuations on social networksfans Big Brother VIP they still don’t understand what really happened between Daniele Dal Moro and Oriana Marzoli. If the model accused the Venezuelan influencer of being only interested in appearances, the latter decided to intervene and tell all the truth:

It was a real relationship, never made for shipping. I hope this is clear, because I am a fool, because I was crazy and I really fell in love with him. Do you think I lied? I fell in love, what do you want me to tell you, I’m stupid […] I will not speak and never spoke badly of him. I never shit on a person and do not lie. What I say is always true. Secondly, I do not pour shit on another person in order to get out of it better, but I defend myself from attacks with the truth, without pouring shit on another person …

It’s still:

I repeat: I am in love, this is very clear to me. If he says that he doubts it, he is lying, because he knows it very well. He could call me because he wasn’t blocked. He could write to our friends who are the same. He didn’t. He could take the car because he wanted to scream so much and he could come to Milan to tell me. But he obviously didn’t want that after he asked me to leave, didn’t he? He knows very well how much I was infatuated with him. How I wanted to tell the whole world that I’m his girlfriend, he knows it […] I just want my boyfriend to be proud to be seen with me, not hide me, protect me. I think that’s the basis of relationships. I’m not lying, he can confirm this. It seems legitimate to me that I ask to be seen with him. I would like him to be proud. I am a good, charismatic person, but I do not want to hide it.

During Oriana’s social media outburstAlso Daniel he chimed in to respond to his ex’s statements using his cousin’s account:

It’s not that if you understand what you want, then this is the reality of the facts. You only understand what suits you, what is different. What future can a relationship have if your girlfriend doesn’t trust you if you don’t really do anything. You did everything, and in the end I decided to trust! So solve your problems first, and then maybe you’ll be ready for a relationship. I have a lot of insecurities too because of everything I’ve been through. But I don’t pour them on you!

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