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Post: Billy: Emilia Mazzacurati’s exclusive film preview with Alessandro Gassmann


Billy is the directorial debut of Emilia Mazzacurati, the daughter of the unforgettable Carlo, and hits theaters today, June 1st. In an exclusive preview, we bring to your attention a clip featuring Alessandro Gassman and Giuseppe Battiston.

After a preview at the Bellaria festival, he arrives at the movies June 1 Billywork up Emilia Mazzacurati, daughter of the unforgettable Carlo. New director signs comedy played by a convincing cast: Billy is very fast Matthew Oscar Giuggiolisurrounded Alessandro Gasmann in the “old” version of rockstar, with Joseph Battiston, Carla Signoris, Blessed Gris, Robert Seatran, Sandra Ceccarelli AND Christina Hermin. Co-production by Rai Cinema and theatrical distribution by Parthénos. Billy it is a story of feelings told in the form of a road movie. To prepare you for its atmosphere, we present you exclusive scene preview in which we see the battle of the battered rocker Zippo (Gassmann) and Massimo, played by Giuseppe Battiston.

Billy: plot and movie trailer

Billy is 19 years old and lives on the outskirts of a northern provincial town, in a residential area bordering a river. With mother Regina, with an unstable mood and boundless love for her son. His father left when Billy was very young, Billy remembers almost nothing about him, and his mother is not going to help him remember. Billy was a 9-year-old prodigy full of life who created and hosted a successful music podcast. Today he does not know what to do with his life, and the vividness of childhood is a clear, but never achieved memory that haunts him. Billy has suffered from panic attacks since early childhood, and every time he has a panic attack, he passes out. However, this has not happened to him for a long time. Billy takes a liking to Lena, his neighbor and sister of his best friend (Roberto, age 8), who, with her loves as frequent as they are fleeting, makes him suffer. Until one day, Zippo arrives, a former rocker who, at the height of his success, ran away in the middle of a concert, boarded a bus and lost sight of him. He gave up his talent and now landed next door as a guest of his friend Massimo. A firefighter who, terrified by the fire, lives in a wooden house-boat moored to the river. Zippo recognizes Billy and it’s not something that happens to him often. They seem to be opposites, but fortunately they spend time together, talking, watching each other in silence. And for the first time in many years, something moves in both. They discover that they have much in common and that they are mirrored in two parallel realities. They both will understand one thing, namely that they do not always say that in order for something to be beautiful, it must also be happy.

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