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Post: Elettra Lamborghini: “I can’t live on 1500 euros”


With her characteristic frankness, Elettra Lamborghini makes it clear that she does not envy those who manage to be content with a more “modest” lifestyle.

Elektra Lamborghini gave an interview in which he spoke about his Life stylewhat from rich heiress who in this moment could not more “do”.

Elettra Lamborghini: “I don’t envy those who manage to live on 1,500 euros”

Yesterday, Friday, June 2, new album out summer From Elektra Lamborghini, Elektraton. Among other things, the latter will also return to television, playing the role one of the judges for Italia’s Got Talentin the first episode airing on Disney+.

Lamborghini, in addition to being a singer and TV presenter, is also an influencer and, above all, rich heiress. So said the artist his childhoodin a recent Vanity Fair interview:

Like a child my parents took me to pass the time on the farm AND I thought I wanted to live like thiscooking ricotta at home I felt like a country girl.

However, to date his lifestyle drastically different from what he dreamed of leading at an early age:

On the one hand, I say that I would live in rarefied air with 1500 euros a monthbut then no I don’t envy those who can. Maybe they are the happiest in the world with this figure, it depends on the expectations. Some people don’t care about becoming a millionaire.

And concludes:

How am I made I wouldn’t take this lifestyleBut I would tell my kids that money is worth nothing. In fact, I almost feel guilty about making more money than a doctor saving lives.

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