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Post: Sabrina Salerno’s Breasts Remodeled? The experience of the surgeon leaves no room for doubt


Made breasts or natural? After thirty years of “fake news”, Sabrina Salerno dispels all doubts.

Sabrina Salerno publishes plastic surgeon’s report to dispel any doubts about the naturalness of her breasts.

Sabrina Salerno: “Fake news that has haunted me for 30 years”

Sabrina Salernotired of being the same “fake news” has been haunting for about thirty yearsdecided to break the silence, and do it in a special way, which, perhaps, will finally put an end to the chatter.

The singer, actress and dancer with breathtaking curves recently published a post on her Instagram profile in which, in addition to a photo in a white shirt that leaves little room for imagination, she appears surgeon qualification. In fact, Salerno wanted it that way. dispel any doubts about the naturalness of her magnificent breasts. The doctor in question, plastic surgeon Giorgio Berna, wrote on the above document:

Today I see Mrs. Salerno Sabrina, who was born on 03/15/1968 in Genoa. My attention is drawn to a visit to a specialist aimed at excluding the presence of breast implants. Clinical history: patient does not report any breast surgery.

It’s still:

The chest is soft, without palpable masses. There is no axillary lymphadenopathy. Non surgical scars. Conclusions: history, previous tests and current objectivity, absolutely exclude the presence of breast implants (prostheses).

The title of the above post also reads:

I hope that with this document I put an end to the fake news that has been haunting me for over 30 years.

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