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Post: Vladimir Luxuria uncensored about boyfriend Ilari Blasi: “Bastian is super gifted”


According to Vladimir Luxurius, who knew him personally, Bastian, Ilari Blasi’s new partner, was supposed to have “great capital”.

Vladimir Luxuria said that he met with Bastiannew partner Ilari Blasi, ed. talked about his physical and characteristic qualities.

Vladimir Luxuria about Bastian: “A closet with four doors”

Vladimir Luxuriacurrent commentator for L’Isola dei Famosi, interviewed Novella 2000 and she allowed herself a few “juicy” comments about Bastian, new assistant the presenter of the aforementioned program, Ilari Blasi. According to Vladimir, he and Bastian met at Muccassina, a fairly well-known gay-friendly club in the capital, where she often goes and where, among other things, she performed at some event.

The new couple went to visit Luxuria, and the latter had the opportunity to introduce himself. Here are his words about their meeting:

I was curious to get to know him, and Ilari kept his promise. Many approached him. Probably due to Ilari’s popularity, but also attracted by his physical form. It’s a four-door closet, it’s got important handsAnd it is widely believed that a man’s big hands also correspond to great “giftedness.”.

However, in addition to a remarkable appearance, Vladimir also mentioned his own qualities of character:

I found this friendly, easy going AND respectful. He chatted with people and left her his space.

And finally added:

We talked for an hour. I asked a lot about him, and also about him and Ilari, because I am curious and like to know everything, but I respect privacy. He told me that he was not interested in fame.. He doesn’t play ball. So he met Ilari without knowing that she was so famous. He told me how they met, but I won’t tell him.

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