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Post: The Little Mermaid, all the differences between a live action movie and an animated film


What are the most important differences between animated films and live performances for The Little Mermaid? What changed between the animated version and the flesh and blood version?

live action AND animated film also have some differences in the case of de Mermaid. Back to the movie starring the very curious Ariel, played by Holly BaileyThe Little Mermaid is just the latest chronological remake of the great Disney cartoon classic. But, as was the case with Cinderella, The beauty and the Beast and the latest Peter Pan and Wendy, Ariel’s story has also undergone some changes from the animated version. Let’s go over all the changes or additions to the film together.

The Little Mermaid, what’s different between live action and animated film

One of the first innovations compared to the animated classics concerns Ursulaimmediately presented as King Triton’s sister live, in which Aunt Ariel. As in the animated version, Ursula was expelled from the palace for no specific reason. And say goodbye to her garden of trapped souls: Ursula seems to punish those who don’t pay their debts more harshly, as evidenced by the skulls and skeletons present in her lair.

Another change made to live action issues Ariel sistersall presented by their father as potential leaders of the seas, as death of their mother from the hands of people. This detail appears in the animated prequel, The Little Mermaid: When It All Began, but they talk about a sea accident that cost the queen her life. However, in live action, it is clear that Ariel’s mother was killed by one person.

You know Scuttle, friend Ariel seagull? In live action, the original dub is assigned to the character Aquafina and become one gannet, a species of bird that can also dive underwater and therefore spend even more time with Ariel. As for Eric, we will learn more details about his past live: for example, the queen explicitly hints that Eric adopted child royals who arrived by sea after a shipwreck. The mystery surrounding his past may also justify his curiosity about the uncharted ocean and where it comes from. The last obvious change is final scene with Ursula. While in the animated film it is Eric who delivers the final blow to the sea witch, in live action the task falls to Ariel.

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