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Post: Amici 22, Stranizza d’Amuri, film starring Secret Samu, nominated for Nastri d’Argento 2023


An important milestone for Samu Segreto, one of Amici’s students who starred in Stranizza d’Amuri, a film by Beppe Fiorello that was nominated for Nastri d’Argento 2023. Let’s see the details together.

For The Secret of Samuone of the most popular and respected dancers of this twenty-second talent release Channel 5 held Maria DeFilippia new milestone arrives: the movie Weird d’Amouridirectorial debut Beppe Fiorelloand in which Samu debuted as a leading man with Gabriel Pizzuroreceived a nomination for Silver Ribbons 2023.

Amici 22, Stranizza d’Amuri Candidate for Silver Ribbon 2023

Beppe Fiorello during interviews promoting the film, he revealed that he dreamed for years of making a film about an event that actually happened in his native Sicily in the 80s. In fact, the story, taken from the novel Page by Valerio La Martira, is inspired by Giarre’s crime, the double suicide of a young homosexual couple who decide to commit suicide together because they are tired of the prejudices of the city. Movie Weird d’Amouri was one of the successes of that period, reaching a figure of almost 1,000,000 box office receipts, also thanks to the skill of its translators.

Samuwas actually chosen Fiorello for her naturalness and acting talent, which, it seemed, even the dancer did not suspect. In an interview with Sylvia Toffanin on Verissimo, they met again after Samu’s trip to school. Friends and there Samu told how his acting journey began, and given that the film was shown in theaters when he was not yet excluded from the talent show, he did not realize the incredible success he had achieved and the public’s affection for him, Gabriel, and the love story beyond all prejudice that they told the world.

And always from Samunews comes that Weird d’Amouri was nominated for Silver Ribbons 2023 as the best debut and for the best costumes. To find out if the film can bring home one or both of these awards, we’ll just have to wait until June 20th, the day the awards ceremony takes place at the MAXXI Museum in Rome.

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