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Post: Big Brother Vip, Geneva Lamborghini always lied about Antonino Spinalbese history? Boyfriend sound


Did Ginevra Lamborghini and Antonino Spinalbese really meet outside of Gf Vip’s house? Giffina’s ex-boyfriend made a shocking confession.

Geneva Lamborghini and Antonino Spinalbese actually they met outside the house vip girlfriend? Things have never been too clear, even if the two former Gieffinis have hinted that he is starting after the deep bond he forged at Casa di Cinecittà.

Gf Vip, ‘Geneva Wasn’t Alone’ Says Geneva Lamborghini’s Boyfriend

After removalBelen’s ex-boyfriend Geneva he also joined him in the center of the studio, ending the moment with a cute kiss. However, over the past few hours, what should be the current boyfriend Lamborghini he allowed himself to make a confession that called everything into question.

During lunch with friends, Elettra’s sister’s boyfriend, talking about Geneva with some friends he said:

“Antonino was very excited! He entered the studio and Alfonso Signorini informed him that Ginevra was not married. But we couldn’t say it instead…Ginevra wasn’t alone!”, referring to the episode in which spinalbese returned to the studio after being dropped from the reality show.

Immediately attacked by criticism Geneva she immediately intervened in the matter, giving her version of the facts:

“I wanted to say something since I saw a bit of hype on social media. In short, I wanted to clear things up for a moment. I am sorry to see and hear from people whom I love and whom I loved very much, telling lies about things. in past. Probably driven by… I don’t know, by the fact that things didn’t go the way they wanted them to. In short, I wanted to clarify my position…

“Guys, there are no tarantellas here, please don’t worry”he concluded Geneva thereby clarifying that at that moment he was single, as he stated.

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