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Post: Elisabetta Canalis, the peace made between the former fabric and Maddalena Corvalha? A social gesture that fans dream of


Between two former dancers of Striscia la Notizia, Elisabetta Canalis and Maddalena Corvalha, the relationship cooled for several years. But something seems to have changed. That’s what happened.

Two historical dancers Get naked with the news, Elisabetta Canalis AND Madeleine CorvalhaCould they finally reconcile? A curious clue surfaced on social media that made fans dream.

Elisabetta Canalis made peace with Maddalena Corvalha?

The friendship between the two dancers in 2019 was shaken: although for several years canalis lived in the States with (now ex) husband Brian Perry, the two historical friends maintained a relationship. However, in 2019, the first rumors of a breakup spread, later confirmed Elisabetta Canalis.

Recently, Maddalena Corvalha confirmed the end of their relationship in an interview with Verissimo, Silvia Toffanin named distance, physical and emotional, and strong distrust as the main reasons, and also added that in life it sometimes happens that some relationships are destroyed. Again in April, the dancer in an interview Corriere della Sera he said that he would never reveal the true reasons for the quarrel and did not seem to want even a possible reconciliation.

However, in the last few hours, one social clue gave fans hope for a reunion between both: Elisabetta Canalisin fact, he posted a story on his Instagram profile posting a Polaroid of the period when both dancers were working on Striscia la Notizia. In the photo you can see two young Elizabeth and Magdalene, smiling and close. Fans took this gesture as confirmation that the relationship between them became friendly again.

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