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Post: Emma Marrone, “escape” from Stefano De Martino after performing at the celebration of the championship of Naples


Yesterday, at the Maradona Stadium, Emma Marrone performed at the celebration of Napoli’s third championship. To present the show of his former ex, Stefano De Martino. Let’s see what happened together!

Last night, Sunday, June 4th party for the third Scudetto of Naples: Live from the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium and on Rai2 the event was organized Stephen DeMartino and among the guests was Emma Brown.

Emma Marrone and Stefano De Martino at the Scudetto party in Naples, frost between them?

As already announced by several newspapers, Stephen DeMartino he would have led the party for winning the third Scudetto of Naples and, in fact, last night the public Paradise2 attended an event organized by Aurelio De Laurentiis, broadcast live from the Maradona Stadium in Naples. A party in which all the main artists of the musical and non-Italian panorama performed: in addition to the songs of Gigi D’Alessio, Clementino, Stash, Aris, also the recitatives of Silvio Orlando, the legendary Cardinal Voiello from Paolo Sorrentino’s mini-series, The New Pope, and, above all, the performance Emma Brown.

The singer performed to the melody Naples Pino Daniele, and, as many know, a historical former artist Stephen DeMartino, who then ended his relationship with her when he met and fell in love with Belen Rodriguez. There is no friction between the two women, on the contrary, they recently published a joint selfie during one of the latest editions of Le Iene, demonstrating mutual solidarity and even a bit of irony. Indeed, the selfie posted by the singer is listed as a caption”Like Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez.Current wife and ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber respectively.

On the contrary, however, some viewers spoke of some confusion with the ex DeMartino: in fact, after the performance, the singer left without even looking at the host of the evening. Emma she just yelled “Go to Naples forever.” then slip away. DeMartino he tried to get his attention, but there was nothing to be done. Thus, before moving on to the next guest, the presenter limited himself to praising the ex-girlfriend, glossing over his “a leak“announcing:

“You should know that Pino Daniele directly gave Emma the honorary citizenship of Naples. He will definitely celebrate with us.”

In fact, apart from the various comments and memes that have circulated on social media, there should be no friction between two and two sides. Emma’s escape is more related to timing issues.than trying to avoid her ex.

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