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Post: Pixar, 75 layoffs, including the director of Lightyear and his producer.


In Disney’s numerous cuts across all of its divisions, Pixar was not spared, with 75 people laid off, including director Angus MacLaine and producer Galin Zusman, following the failure of Lightyear.

Since when Bob Iger was relocated as Disney CEOafter parenthesis Bob Chapek was fired from the board of directors, Disney began the process repair with drastic cuts: viewers were in some cases directly affected, as regards deleting multiple shows from Disney+. In other cases, for example when it comes to layoffs, the influence is indirect. Fine 75 people they were sent from Pixarand among them, as Deadline confirms, directed by Angus MacLaine And producer Galin Zusmanbehind Lightyear – The True Story of Buzz.

Pixar is experiencing one of its rare waves of layoffs from Disney

Last time Disney fulfilled series of layoffs V Pixar refers to 2013 when the company was relieved of 5% of the state, in this case at the peak of the crisis due to Journey of Arlo: movie went from Bob Petersonwho was among those shot, Pete Sonwhich restarted it and now signs the following Elementals, in theaters June 21. It is significant and bitter that in the group of seventy-five people who were shot from a house in Emeryville, there are Angus McLane AND Galin Zusmanrespectively director and producer From Lightyear – The True Story of Buzz. This has already been discussed failure last year’s feature film, “fictional spin-off” toy story (226 million dollars fee for 200 cost), the grounds were certainly there, if only to embarrass interested parties, but it is also true that McLane and Zusman were house columns: Angus from 2017 was even in “senior creative team“, while Galin started with the technical department, with first toy story in 1995!
Definitely, 2022 was not a good year for Disney animation, and the subsequent failure Strange world belonging Walt Disney Animation Studios weighed even more. Is there anyone who can feel safe from the wave 7000 layoffs expected almost finished and started in March? The Eiger plan aims to saving $5,500,000,000.

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