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Post: Isola dei Famosi, Paolo Noise: “I won’t go into details about my state of health. I will never accept anyone’s compassion.”


After a forced retreat to Isola dei Famosi, Paolo Noise, back in Italy, will be among the guests on today’s episode, and he wanted to clarify on social media that he did not want to spread further details about his state of health.

After the forced departureCelebrity Island, Paul Noisewho returned to Italy, will be among the guests of today’s edition, and he wanted to indicate on social networks that he did not want to reveal further details. about his state of health.

“My choice not to go into the details of my health or the most intimate details of my fragility, I consider the right gesture for a show business man. There are those who face the worst in life and I will certainly never use a fall to put on a show and buzz around my career, which I hope to this day has much more than those who love me are proud.”

The former castaway then concluded:

“I wanted to write this post to silence all those who think I backed down or gave up once and for all. Just because I had the elegance not to play the victim, but to continue to do what I do best, which is to give joy, with a smile. In every form of expression that I know.”

noise He then announced that he had postponed his hospitalization in order to return to his colleagues at Zoo 105:

“Today we return to combat. I decided to postpone my hospitalization for control in Italy for at least 3 weeks and return to fight side by side with my colleagues at the 105 Zoo. I’m not doing this for fame or because I’m doing it because I instinctively feel it’s the right thing to do, both for Marco, who is 9,000 km away in the midst of the suffering of the sand, and for the whole group, who have been doing this for over a month great job of transferring to the hut.”

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