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Post: Men and women, Ida Platano is tormented by those who accuse her of being with Alessandro for economic reasons.


Ida Platano: “I have always kept myself alone! I never needed anyone, ”the former lady of the throne over men and women blurted out on social networks.

Love story between Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza is in full swing. Couple born on a dating show Man and womanhrecently celebrated the first six months of their love and continues to testify on social media about the moments shared together and the many romantic trips they have taken over the past months.

Men and women, Ida Platano blurts out: “I am with Alessandro because I have always loved him.”

The former lady and entrepreneur from Campania has indulged herself with relaxing days in Miami, a romantic visit to Paris and again Florence and charming places in Campania. This weekend, Ida and Alexander they immortalized themselves on a boat off the Amalfi coast, spending carefree hours and devoting themselves to total relaxation.

The couple today divides the public into those who unconditionally support them and believe in their feelings, and those who blame, first of all Ida to be with Alexander for the economic comfort of the former knight

Today, the former lady returned to social media to clarify once again that she does not need Alessandro to support herself financially and that she has never needed anyone.

“Good morning, my dears, happy Monday everyone,” Ida began on Instagram, “How are you? How did this Monday start for you? I woke up very well. with you, open the bracket and close it right away. then comments after months and months and months.But most of all read who writes: “You are together with Alessandro only for … No! No! And no! Forget about it. I have always supported myself, always, and therefore I have never needed someone to do certain things in my life.”

“I’m with Alessandro because I’ve always loved him,” he concluded. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t even choose him, not for different interests. Let’s close this bracket. Enough, however, to change the comments now and then otherwise it also becomes boring “.

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