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Post: Amici, 21, sissy in crisis: “I can’t do it,” Lorella Cuccarini’s reaction.


Cissy rejects the gauntlet thrown by Anna Pettinelli in view of the seventh episode of “Evening”.

With considering 7th edition of Friends Eveningwho will go aired on Saturday 30 April 2022 on Canale 5., Anna Pettinelli decided to run a new glove for all singers remaining in the competition. The glove that deflated sissywhich she decided reject it.

Sissy in crisis over Anna Pettinelli’s “guilt”, here’s what happened to Amici

In yesterday Friends 21schoolchildren received letter from Anna Pettinelli. Trainer Maria De Filippi Talent Show decided to run the glove in which all the singers still compete in the evening as protagonistsi.e Luigi Strangis, Sissy, Alex and Albe.

Reading a letter in which Anna asked the singers rewrite the text of the famous song by Franco Califano, leaving only the chorus unchanged, sissy he decided to deal with Lorella Cuccarini. In no uncertain terms, the singer told her coach that she wanted to give up gloves:

To be honest, I don’t feel capable of it. I do not have this talent, I do not need to rewrite works that are iconic for me. I would never rewrite them anyway, then I don’t feel able to do it. I also feel like I don’t respect anyone who works as a singer/songwriter. It would be like improvising something that I am not. I would not disrespect myself, the authors. […] I hope I can learn in the future, but right now I feel like something important to me is going unnoticed. I can’t now.

There cuccarini tried to get his student to accept glove fired by Pettinellibut in vain. Eventually, seeing that she was in serious trouble, Lorella decided to accept the offer. sissy request:

A glove that cannot be offered to you, your history, your talent. I don’t understand why it got there. Don’t worry, we will send the glove back to the sender. I can justify you without much effort.

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