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Post: Luis Sal reveals the whole backstory of the dispute with Fedez: the rapper blurted out on social networks in the middle of the night


Serious allegations are being made on social media between Fedes and Luis Sal after the latter’s farewell to Muschio Selvaggio.

Allegations fly on social media between Luis Sal and Fedez. After weeks of silence, the famous YouTuber has finally decided confess and tell the whole truth about your decision to leave Wild Mossrevealing further background of the dispute with the Milanese rapper.

Luis Sal and Fedez: a tough battle at a distance in social networks

After FedezAlso Louis Sal decided to break the silence and explain the real reason for his absence wild moss . Through a video uploaded directly to the podcast channel, the YouTuber revealed what has happened between him and husband Chiara Ferragni over the past few weeks:

For clarity, let’s start with how Muschio Selvaggio is born, what Muschio Selvaggio is. Let’s start with the abbreviation, where everything is explained. The abbreviation has all the explanations. And here the basics of a podcast are explained. That is, the arguments are the most important thing. While we, the ego, the guests, myself, gossip is considered the smallest thing. However, over time, everything went differently: enough has already been said about Fedez, there should not have been one more place where they spoke only about him. Alas, over time, these prerequisites fail. I point this out to him first as a friend, many times. I have pointed this out in many ways. I also made a video on my channel “Briefly about Muschio Selvaggio” in which I make a little criticism, veiled but not too much. And you also point it out in the comments. Everything is turned upside down. The pyramid is upside down. Foundations uprooted, thrown from all sides. During these years, I felt marginalized in my own project. I felt that Federico did not listen to me either in the creative or in the executive part, because he acted without involving me in many aspects. Then he apologized to me and kept doing it…

It’s still:

We then arrive in 2023 after Sanremo. I told him that this was not the right direction for the project and he told me that it was better to take a break. I said I’d rather close than continue like this. He replied that I couldn’t close his podcast. […] Then I found out that he was going to shoot a new episode, and I was asked to participate. I did not go. After they told me to go and apologize with the agreed text, they will pay me my 50% dues with a confidentiality obligation. I said I prefer truth to money. So I was told, “Make amends me for your absence.” So I had to defend myself against Federico’s lawyer, and I still defend myself against the lies he tells about me. It’s Federico’s little game that he’s very good at and I don’t want to play that little game. Tell mom Fedya and the “lawyer”.

Explanation Louis called sharp reaction from Fedez. In fact, the Milanese rapper immediately tampered with social media for respond to serious accusations touched by his former colleague:

We are adults: when you have company, you cannot leave by slamming the door. Ever since you decided to quit the podcast, you’ve stopped paying salaries to people who aren’t multimillionaires like you and me. You stopped paying rent. You left me in debt. And despite this, you continue to earn views without doing anything. […] asking me for 600,000 euros for a company not worth half, forbidding me to explain and threatening to tell your truth if I dare to say that you abandoned the podcast to devote yourself to other projects. Commitments are respected above all with respect for the people who work and live solely and exclusively through this work. And, above all, the answers are given to the public without stopping me from giving them to me, simply because you want to use the pressure that will come from the comments to ask for astronomical numbers and use me as if I were an ATM.

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