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Post: Stolen painting 60 years ago auctioned in Netherlands


Painting stolen from Italian museum 60 years ago is auctioned in the Netherlands

MOSCOW, June 9 – RIA Novosti. The painting, stolen 60 years ago, was found at an auction in Middelburg, in the Dutch province of Zeeland. writer Telegram.

We are talking about the work “l’Interno Benedicente”. Its author is the late Renaissance artist Galeazzo Campi (1475–1536). The cost of the work is estimated at five thousand euros. It was removed from the Civico Ala Ponzone Museum in Cremona in 1959. An employee of the Italian institution recognized the canvas presented at the auction and called the police.

According to Richard Bronswijk of the Dutch Art Crimes Unit, the auctioneer buys artwork from homes, especially after the occupant’s death.

Bronswijk said, “It turned out that he had owned it for a while but could not remember where the painting came from. The most important thing for us was finding the piece. The Italians were very happy.”

It is not yet clear how the Campi painting originated in the Netherlands. The work will be returned to the museum in Cremona.

Painting by Italian artist Giacomo Di Chirico The effect of snow - RIA Novosti, 1920, 11/10/2022

Di Chirico painting stolen in Italy

Source: Ria

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