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Post: Maneskin, Victoria De Angelis in love: that’s who the new girl is


Apparently, Maneskin’s Victoria De Angelis has a crush on a model named Luna.

Let’s find out more about it together moon, Victoria De Angelis’ new girlfriend from the Maneskins.

Maneskin: Here Comes the Moon, Victoria De Angelis’ New Love

These days, the band members at the moment, I Maneskinsthey allowed themselves short break from their many work commitments. With the exception of frontman, Damian David, who returned to Rome after a concert in Barcelona at the Primavera Sound festival, Thomas Race, Ethan Torcio and Victoria DeAngelis they took several days off.

Judging by the pictures on their Instagram profiles, the three spent their holidays in Formentera. Ethan, Thomas and Victoria, however, they were not alone; with musicians too Other girls. Among them stands out by name moon. The latter looks like a simple friend in photos posted by De Angelis, but Chi’s paparazzi show much more.

The aforementioned magazine, in fact, immortalized bassist groups exchanging a passionate kiss with Luna on a yacht. The footage in question leaves little room for doubt. But what do we know about this girl? Her Instagram profile biography @lunapassoss tags two fashion agencies: NEXT Management and NASS MODELS, as well as a link that takes us back to her official website. Luna Passosthis is its full name, in fact is one professional model From Brazilian citizenship who has marched and is marching around the world for various brands.

However, at the moment it is not known how they met Victoria, whether they are officially together and for how long. However, from the photos posted by Chi, it can be seen that there is some kind of chemistry between them. We’ll just have to wait for official confirmation from one of the two – or, why not, from both – if there ever is.

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