Post: My Big Greek Wedding 3: Official Italian Comedy Trailer

The third film, which tells the adventures and misadventures of Tula Portokalos and her family, will soon arrive in Italy. And this time, Nia Vardalos is also behind the camera.

It will soon hit Italian cinemas with Universal Pictures. my big greek wedding 3the second sequel to a film made twenty years ago by director Joel Zwick and produced Tom HanksWith Nia Vardalos to act as a screenwriter and the main character, became a sensation at the box office around the world. After the director’s second film Kirk Jones in 2016, Nia Vardalos returns to tell the adventures of Portokalos, this time also as a director.
The film is about a family reunion in Greece that turns into a touching and hilarious journey full of love and unexpected twists.
This is the official English trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.

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