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Post: Hyenas: Goodbye, Belen! Here’s who could take his place


It would seem that Belen Rodriguez can change Le Iene Show at the helm or join the journalist.

It would seem that only Veronica Gentili will soon head the Le Iene Show. Can he replace or support Belen Rodriguez?

Hyenas: Veronica Gentili instead of Belen Rodriguez?

This TV season Belen Rodriguez – as she herself repeatedly pointed out – she fulfilled her dream by spending hyena show. Originally an Argentine host and dancer. along with Theo Mammukari, who, however, soon said goodbye to the broadcast of Italia 1. due to a conflict with director Davide Parenti. How, Three comedians have joined Belén, Max Angioni, Eleazar Rossi AND Nathan Kiboba.

However, apparently Santiago and Luna’s mother Marie you may have to give way to another conductor. Indeed, according to some rumors, will replace it Veronica Gentiles. After all, At the moment last at the helm of Controcorrentetalk show Rete 4, which, especially in prime time, never had a lot of games: The share has always been below 4%. For this reason, Upstream next fall, it will almost certainly have to close its doors. and consequently, Gentili may have to dedicate himself to other projects.

On the other hand, according to other rumors, the journalist could also support Rodriguezrather than replace it. In any case, it still remains gossip and nothing more; in fact, neither confirmation nor even refutation was received from those directly involved in this.

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