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Post: Island of Temptation, Gabriela Ciffo on Perla Vatero: “He deserves a lot and must be protected”


Gabriela Ciffo’s latest social media revelations after Temptation Island.

After Alessia Bottles too Gabriela Chiefo returned to social media to answer questions from numerous fans Temptation Island. There Giuseppe Ferrara’s girlfriend summed up his journey seduction village and then he dedicated words of great affection for Perla Vatiero.

Gabriela Ciffo loses her balance on Pearl Vatiero

Among the couples who chatted the most, there is undoubtedly the one created by Giuseppe Ferrara and Gabriela Ciffo. These two became the main characters of Ben two comparison firesat the end of which they decided leave Temptation Island together. But how are things going after participating in the program? To reveal this, a girl thought about it, who, while answering some questions from her fans on Instagram, said:

I’m fine…a little unstable. I’m fine, sometimes better, sometimes worse… like I said, I’m a bit off balance these days. I will never go back to what it was before. Never. I would rather be alone. Our life has changed a lot: there is more awareness, I’m trying to forget what happened, it’s definitely not easy …

We are good together, but we should feel good even apart and live in our own time and have fun, if everything goes well, everything will be fine, I don’t make any plans anymore, I burned out. Who has always been by my side? My family. They always lifted me up when I was broken. They gave me the strength to always smile no matter what.

Gabriela Then he also spoke about the situation Pearl Watierocompleted his journey to Temptation Island no boyfriend Mirko Brunetti:

He is so strong, but also so fragile. He deserves so much and should be protected.

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