Post: I Mille Occhi: International Film and Arts Festival in Trieste from 25 September.

XXII International Film and Arts Festival I Mille Occhi will be held in Venice from 25 to 30 September, dedicated to Giorgio Pressburger.

Trieste has always been a very culturally rich city: the nerve center of Central Europe, it gave birth to three of its distinguished citizens, Swabian Italian, Claudius Magris AND Lelio Lutazzi. And there have always been interesting film events. One of them Thousand Eyes International Film and Arts Festivalwhich will be released in Issue XXII from 25 to 30 September and this year includes a tribute to the great writer and director. George Pressburgerwho went missing in 2017 in Trieste. The statement says plan this edition.

Thousand Eyes 2023 Edition

XXII International Film and Arts Festival “I mille occhi” will be held from 25 to 30 September, at the Miela Theater in Trieste from 25 to 28, online and after hours 29 and 30 respectively. On September 7, instead, there will be a preview of the festival at the Giardino del Cinema (Giardino Muzio De Tommasini) with a screening of the film Pasolini chronology of political crime From Paul Angelini. The film, which will be shown in cinemas at the Cineteca di Bologna on November 2, closes Pasolini projectwhich also includes Master Class with Roberto Chiesi, Giuseppe Genna, Marco Martinelli and Stefania Rimini, all dedicated to the poet and director and distributed through the festival channels from 10 September. Based Sergio M. Grmek Germani and organized by the Anno Uno Association under the artistic direction Julius San Giorgio AND Olaf MöllerThe festival, a beacon of enduring cinephilia, returns with a program that begins with a territory open to the greats of European cinema, starting with George Pressburger. Author of books, films, plays, operas, operettas, radio director and intellectual, one of the most prominent in Europe, as well as a cultural animator – his idea, a few weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall, about Mittelfestpan-European festival of dance, music and theater, which is still active in Cividale del Friuli – Giorgio Pressburger will be the main character cross homage this except for one show consisting of panels from the exhibition “Go back. Mitteleuropa by Giorgio Pressburger.”set right during the last Mittelfest and remastered for the occasion, includes a screening of some of his feature films as a director and, as a world premiere, a documentary Whispers of a great voice From Mauro Caputo. A life, not only a job, spent halfway between Hungary, which Giorgio Pressburger leaves at 19 to escape Nazi persecution, but where he will return as an adult to play important roles in cultural institutions, and Trieste, “a literary city under the fog of memories” . , which he has chosen as his home since 1975 and where he left the most visible traces of his commitment.

Instead, he will be assigned Louis Skoretskylast great representative French film criticism, First Year Awardto which a retrospective called “Cinephiles”. Having also become a director, in the second half of the 20th century Skoretsky explored and revealed the full power, beauty and depth of cinema: Serge Dani magazine “Visages du cinema”, which published only two issues, he wrote in the 60s for the “Presence du cinema” and “Caye du cinema” to become a cult critic of the newspaper “Liberation” in the following decades, uniting the love of the great American cinema with the opening of the most intimate European auteur cinema. In addition to his cinephile saga of which they are a part three heads of cinephiles (1989-2006), the prologue Against the New Cinephilia (1984) and the final episode The Return of the Cinephiles (2007), will feature three of his favorite American authors, including Jacques Turnerwhich will become part, along with an unpublished conversation with the director, also after-hours special to air on September 30.

After the 2022 edition was born under the sign and face of Dino Buzzatito remember him 50 years after his death, 2023 is the year centenary of the birth of another giant of Italian literature: Italo Calvino. Both as a source writer and as a screenwriter or screenwriter of original stories, his literary life has been full of cinematic interruptions such as Defunct Knight From Pinot Zack, Photographer’s adventure From Citto Maselli, Reader’s Adventure From Charles Charles and episode Renzo and Luciana From Monicelli contained in Boccaccio ’70In addition to works dedicated to his life: for the anniversary, “Thousand Eyes” will offer a selection. Another century, this time from the birth of 16 mm. – a very important support also for the conservation of works – will allow to approach cinema from a craft and laboratory point of view. In fact, the first edition of the 16mm workshop run by the Làbbash collective will be open, with 10 students selected through a tender taking part over the course of two days, followed by a block of screenings of real rarities, including The film that was lostMGM short documentary about the birth of film libraries, French version, the only one in existence, by: Leading Venice From Vittorio Cottafavione of the first Italian cinephile critical films. Michelangelo Antonioni. Author’s story From Gianfranco Mingozzi, as well as films made by the participants of the seminar. This edition will also conclude a long tribute to Nora Gregor opened in December 2022 and continued in June with the screening of The Rule of the Game at the Kinemax cinema in Gorizia in collaboration with Film Atelier, while Miele in Trieste will show some interpretations of the actress on her journey through the cinema of North America and South America. After last year’s poster, created by Sergio Ponchone, this year’s poster will be signed by another well-known illustrator: Alessandro Baroncianiwith a festival poster inspired by Purity (episode RogoPaG) From Roberto Rossellini and is dedicated to one of the themes of this edition – cinephilia. All information on the site

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